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Samstag, 4. Februar 2012

Blue Hawaii

Night and you
And blue Hawaii
The night is heavenly
And you are heaven to me
Lovely you
And blue Hawaii
With all this loveliness
There should be love

Come with me
While the moon is on the sea,
The night is young
And so are we, so are we
Dreams come true
In blue Hawaii
And mine could all come true
This magic night of nights with you

 -10 degrees makes me dreaming of beeing in blue hawaii...

...with my man elvis ;)

oh yes how i love my daydreams...


I wore:
Crochet Cardigan: made by my mum
Shirt: H&M
Leggins: Versace for H&M
Bag: Asos
Shoes: Deichmann

Oh no there is snow everywhere...
.....i hope that this doesn´t mean Elvis will not come around in a Hawai Shirt and with his Ukelele...

I´m not smiling it´s just i can´t feel my face because of the cold haha

So my Darlings why not come with me to blue Hawaii ;)

Love and Kiss,Mary


Vintage Sweetheart hat gesagt…

Those leggings are very cool and I love the frozen face expression. It sure looks cold! xx

Miss Tallulah Porkchop hat gesagt…

OMG look at those leggings. You sure look like you belong next to Elvis in those pics, somewhere far more tropical than where you really are. Cute, cute cardy.

Are you guys having a late winter?


shoelazzo hat gesagt…

I love mum's cardigan! The color is beautiful and so well combined with the H&M leggings.
Have a wonderful weekend,

Scarlett hat gesagt…

Be still my beating heart - love love love Blue Hawaii (so much so i bagged a trip there to check out the locations! lol). You look blooming mamazing, those leggings are crazy cool :o) Scarlett x

sacramento hat gesagt…

I love the leggings, but I will take you mum´s crochet cardi, how cute, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Besos y feliz finde.

Miss Peregrin hat gesagt…

Those leggings are incredible! I love the pattern, and they fit you like a glove. You're wearing such a fun outfit! I'm still absolutely loving you as a redhead by the way.

Katrina hat gesagt…

Wow I absolutely love those leggings with the sweater your mom made - so nice. Oh Elvis)


Soraya hat gesagt…

Adoro a Elvis y todo lo que tenga que ver con él (L)(L)
Y me gustan tus pantalones. Nunca se me ocurriría llevarlos en esta época, pero como siempre tú me sorprendes! :)

Arezu In Wonderland hat gesagt…

You look so happy and colorful in the cold snowy days.
Very cute!

XO Arezu

Reverse Clothing hat gesagt…

Elvis was some hot stuff back in the day!

Closet & Beauty hat gesagt…

I loved the leggings and jacket crochet. Welcome Elvis.

*Nessy* (L) hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comment Mary!!!
You're so right!!! :)
They are amazing!!! There is not much more to say isn't it? :P
Johnny Depp + Tim Burton = Two carzy little man who make magic movies!!!
Oh! And by the way, I love your blog!!!
You have this interesting way of blogging that I absolutely love!!!
I hope I can see by my blog again. :)
Kisses, Mary.
*Nessy* (L)

*Nessy* (L) hat gesagt…

I am hipnotised by your jacket!!!! Love it!!! Love it!!!
*Nessy* (L)

Pandora`s Box hat gesagt…

Love your leggings. We should all wear tropical, happy colors instead of drab grays and blacks in winters. Lovely post.

Seeking Style hat gesagt…

Your pants are so fun!

xo Jennifer


Vintage Coconut hat gesagt…

*OoOhhH* the leggings are fantastic. They go so well with the crochet top!
And your hair looks very nice Mary you must be getting better with your curling tongs!

Kailey hat gesagt…

Love Elvis and those incredible leggings!

Ioana Liliana hat gesagt…

This is such a vibrant outfit! It looks super fun :)

Ioana of Fashezine

Karlajz hat gesagt…

You look realy good :)Maybe we can follow each other? Don't forget like me on Facebook! Kisses :*

edie pop hat gesagt…

Always so inspiring!! With the snow outside I just need your pineapple yellow and palm tree leggings to make my day.
Aloha to you and Elvis!


Karlajz hat gesagt…

Thx for lovely comment. I'm following too :):)

Sims 3 bebela hat gesagt…

Thanks for your nice comments..you change your hair collors?!so pretty:)..I like your outfit and your shoes:x!!Big hug!!!

Mary Lou hat gesagt…

yeah a late winter we don´t wanted :( well but at least in my dreams of elvis it´s hot haha

Melmo hat gesagt…

Willkommen im Club der Rotaarigen :) Steht dir super.

in Aie's shoes hat gesagt…

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Only you can rock that pants! =)

Alina hat gesagt…

Such a great look!Love the color combo!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop hat gesagt…

Check out this post, my lovely. I think you might like it. xx


his_girl_friday hat gesagt…

Look at all those chicks! Elvis is such a player.

Clara Turbay hat gesagt…

I like everything here.

Bravoe Runway hat gesagt…

I think this is the first blogger I've seen the H&M palm tree leggings on! Seriously Mary Lou, I've not seen anyone wear these and they look AWESOME on you!

Tiffany hat gesagt…

what a fun outfit! I love your leggings

The Fashion Moodboard hat gesagt…

I would love to go to Hawai too! We have snow and -10 here as well (netherlands). I love your bright yellow jacket :)


Annie hat gesagt…

Loving that yellow sweater - such an awesome color :)

The Other Side of Gray

ronnotronald hat gesagt…

Lovely outfit! My favorite piece are definitely the leggins...great match with the yellow cardigan. xoxo - ron

Carla McCarthy hat gesagt…

Hello beautiful , I'm following you too! Love the way you mix the leggings with the yellow! it's so vibrant!

Style Servings hat gesagt…

You look fabulous! Just what I needed to see on this dreary day!


NaNa hat gesagt…

wow those are coooooool leggings. and hehe gotta love elvis!

love, the NaNa girls x

Vix hat gesagt…

I don't know what I love the most, those killer trousers or your mum's FANTASTIC creation. Elvis would have loved you. xxx

Baby Budget Blog hat gesagt…

LOVE those retro bathing suits! It's so hard to find a one piece with a boy short bottom these days!! Great yellow cardi! Really pops with those pants! Love that you're so Spring and Summer in this shoot :)


CutestPrincess hat gesagt…

oh, he's hot! that's why my grand mom is head over heels in love with Elvis Presley!

It’s a GIRL Thing

Lola Finn hat gesagt…

Hallo :) Herzlichen Dank! Ich habe auch noch nie was bei Monki bestellt... die Zahlungsbedingungen sind nicht gerade optimal... naja, vielleicht ändern die das irgendwann mal... Ich war mal in Hamburg auf Durchreise, da musste ich natürlich in den Laden rein rennen ^-^ Hab mich wie so ein kleines Mädchen gefreut...

Marisa Noelle hat gesagt…

Elvis..what a dreamboat!! You look so adorable Mary Lou and I am absolutely in love with those pants...though I know I would never look half as good as you do in them. The bright and cheery outfit is so perfect for this dreary grey weather and looks beautiful against the bit of snow in your backdrop. Now I want to go watch an Elvis movie:) xx Marisa

Inma hat gesagt…

me gusta mucho Elvis, los años 50 y tus pantalones =), un beso guapa

lasophia hat gesagt…

Bah! Those leggings! OMG is that collection out already? Ive been sleeping! They are awesome. When I hear Elvis, I get sad. He sounds so sad and lonely. R.I.P.

La Dama hat gesagt…

me enamore de tu ruffly cardigan.que leggins tan colorful.
te pusiste rayitos en tu pelo? Que bonita te vez.

annikavictoria hat gesagt…

Had to drop by and thank you for your incredibly sweet email!! Also, I had to tell you how amazing those leggings are. I wish I were bold enough to wear something like that!
Much love!
Pineneedle Collective